Cappellano Barolo Otin Fiorin Pie Rupestris 2001 750ml - Domaine Franey
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Cappellano Barolo Otin Fiorin Pie Rupestris 2001 750ml
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Cappellano Barolo Otin Fiorin Pie Rupestris 2001

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The vineyards in Gabutti in Serralunga d'Alba are unanimously regarded as one of the most prestigious 'crus' of the Barolo-producing area. They are located at the centre of a land with an extraordinary vocation for growing nebbiolo, a vine which produces wines with remarkable character and structure perfect for ageing. This is the birthplace of Barolo OtinFiorin Piè Rupestris: it is 100% Serralunga in its character ‒ a paradigmatic wine thanks to its severe and authoritative tone, with an austere but also generous and sharing manner ‒ as well as in the organoleptic characteristics: liquorice, juniper, tar, balsamic notes, spices and undergrowth are just the most recognizable and typical expressions of an aromatic patrimony which sketches, year after year, a veritable narration of the land. This is made authentic and trustworthy by our unequivocally natural choices and by an attitude alien to mediation. A narration which changes and evolves in time, under the sign of longevity and tradition.
  • vNR

The Barolo Rupestris, grown on the more vigorous American rootstock, is an awesome effort in 2001. Boasting a dark, translucent color and expressive notes of dark cherries, spices and cough syrup, it is a stunning expression of nebbiolo. Deceptively medium-bodied, it is made in a powerful style that perhaps slightly emphasizes palate sensation over aromatics in its overall balance, yet it displays tremendous purity, nobility and structure. Many years ago Baldo Cappellano asked me not to score his wines, so all Cappellano wines show up on our database as NR.

Antonio Galloni, October 2006

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