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Altaneve Prosecco Rosé
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Altaneve Prosecco Rosé


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Capitalizing on the time-tested pinot nero (pinot noir) rosés, Altaneve Rosé is an exclusive blend of 70% pinot nero grapes from the Oltrepò Pavese region in the hills of northwestern Italy, and 30% glera grapes from the Valdobbiadene hills in northeastern Italy. This unique blend of the two grapes showcases each varietal's best qualities, maintaining the fantastic minerality and body of the pinot nero grape with the rounder flavor profile and cleaner, more delicate finish of the glera grape, creating a unique experience. Altaneve Rosé has a lovely blush color and a wonderful full flavor that is both delicate and intense, with a lively bouquet of fruity and floral notes. The maturation of the wine combined with the extended secondary fermentation develop a crisp body, a delicate perlage and an elegant finesse. The exotic character of Altaneve Rosé can be enjoyed with an array of different foods from fish to cheese to spicy tomato sauces, or by itself as an aperitivo.