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Gilbert Picq Chablis Vosgros 2015


SKU 02076


The Picqs have two parcels here totaling 3.5 acres. The larger of the two was planted in the 1960s; the smaller (half the size) was planted in the early 1980s, and both parcels face southwest. Vosgros is on the left bank. Its soil is brown marl limestone, and its wine, young, has a textured plumpness overlying its racy acidity. As an historical aside, the spelling of Vosgros was only codified in 1938 when the appellation of Chablis was created. Before that, there were various spellings and pronunciations, but a common one, from an old map in Didier's cellar, was Vaussegros, pronounced vauss-gross, with both s's being hard. This is how their father's generation referred to the vineyard. These days the s's are silent.
Category White Wine
Country France
Region Burgundy
Appellation Chablis
Brand Gilbert Picq